Wednesday, December 5, 2007

GEN101 #4 (RED) effort

GEN101- RED effort

Prior to going to the Gap, I decided I had better research the program myself before I started firing out questions to the employees. In almost 20 months, the (RED) effort has raised $50 million in the global fight against AIDS/HIV in Africa. For each (RED) product purchased, nearly one million people are reached. Much of the money has gone to educating people on the AIDS/HIV virus and prevention. In Rwanda, money has been put towards trained doctors and nurses to help with the prevention of mother to child contraction during birth. In both Ghana and Swaziland, money goes to teaching awareness and home medical treatment. Half the profits raised by companies, such as GAP, go to the (RED) effort in Africa.
I couldn’t believe how much that a single tee-shirt sale could benefit another’s life so greatly. At this point, I was really excited and couldn’t wait to drive over to my mall and talk to some of the employees at GAP. Unfortunately, I did this research on Thanksgiving Day and wasn’t able to go until Saturday because there was no way I was going to go on Black Friday. So when Saturday finally rolled around, I was set and ready to go. I got to the GAP shortly after it opened and stalked down the nearest employee, which wasn’t that hard considering that I was one of two shoppers in that early. The kid didn’t look like he was much older than I was, never the less; I approached him with my questions. I don’t think I’ve ever encountered a more confused individual; he looked at me like I was insane when I asked him how he felt about working for a company that was conscious to the hardships over in Africa. When I explained to him the (RED) effort that GAP supported, and that he unknowingly did by working there, his eyes just kind of glazed over.
I decided to get started on my Christmas shopping and come back later, when someone else was on the clock. After a few hours of roaming fro presents, I went back to the GAP. By then, the store was packed! I had difficulties even finding an employee, and by the time I did, the girl was swarmed by several customers demanding extra sales. I waited patiently for the irritated shoppers to disperse and when they finally did, I approach the employee. She was actually really rude to me, and acted like I had some nerve trying to talk to her while she was working. I felt a little silly so I thought if they aren’t doing anything to contribute, at least I can. I bought three (RED) tee-shirts, and hoped that my brothers would at least appreciate the effort.

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